Solid Waste Management

In recent times, with the changing lifestyles, scientific management of different types of wastes generated by human activities is of main concern. There is a need for designing waste management plans at industrial, commercial and municipal levels to minimize the negative impacts and maximize socio-economic and environmental benefits. Some of the services that we offer in the Waste Management sector include: Integrated Waste Management Plant, Bio-Medical Waste, Hazardous Waste Management, E-waste management etc. Our strategy for Integrated Solid Waste Management concept is providing end-to-end solutions incorporating collection, transportation, segregation, processing, recovery / recycling & composting & disposal of waste.

GREEN applies a combination of skills and experience in engineering, construction, project management and operations-maintenance to provide sustainabale solutions for Solid Waste Management. To ascertain our goal, we have acknowledged expert in the field of solid waste management, who are also capable of providing following services in the field of solid waste management.

  • Detailed project feasibility for treatment, storage and disposal facilities of municipal and hazardous solid wastes.
  • Identification, assessment and design of suitable treatment along with site selection options for all type of solid wastes
  • Preparing life cycle chart for Landfill including design, operations, management and closure
  • Preparation of Master Plan for waste management including evaluation of alternative 3R's methods
  • Design and assessment of material recovery, waste treatment & disposal technologies