Road And Bridge Engineering

  • Road Projects more than 300 kms.
  • Bridges Projects more than 30 Nos.

We are committed to the development of innovative designs that keeps up with advancement in Road And Bridge Engineering. We are working with the aim to continue to serve our clients for many more years to come.

GREEN has a special focus to provide engineering services on highway and Road And Bridge Engineering and the design of complex structures. Our staff is highly qualified with wide range of bridges such as segmental, Balanced Cantilever, box girder, arch, incrementally launched and cable-stayed bridges etc. Our services also include overpasses, viaducts, aqueducts and causeways. We are experienced designers of road, railway and pedestrian bridges. Our team have ample experience in the use of pre-stressed, post tensioned concrete and reinforced concrete, steel, timber and composite materials. Our team members have worked for construction companies, consulting firms, and fabricators on major bridge projects, during their career. This broad base of experience enables our staff to focus on engineering problems from the client's and contractor's perspective.

Roads and bridges are vital to everyone for people movement and goods transportation. An appropriate and well-organized network of roads and bridges, cleverly engineered to reduce traffic congestion and accidents, is of main significance across the world.

GREEN also carry out feasibility studies, public consultation processes, route planning, junction design and assessment, safety audit, and supervision and inspection. We conduct highway condition surveys and assess vehicle flow rates. We also carry out audits at pre and post construction stages and providing operation and maintenance schedules and specifications, duly categorizing measures to increase safety for users.