Water and Wastewater Engineering

Water Supply Engineering

  • 110 MLD Radial Well.
  • Water Supply Network more than 550 kms.
  • Water Distribution Station more than 1100 lakh liters.
  • Elevated Service Reservoir more than 650 lakh liters.
  • Water Treatment Plant 300 MLD

Waste Water Engineering

  • Sewerage Network: more than 1000 kms.
  • Storm Drainage Network more than 500 kms.
  • Sewage Pumping Station more than 1000 MLD.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant more than 1000 MLD.
  • Tertiary Sewage Treatment Plant 120 MLD.

Water is one of the most critical elements of life and is in an acute shortage across the world. Our water team combats the various issues on projects ranging from small-scale local design to high level international water governance studies.

The sustainable management of water resources, provision of safe drinking water and the treatment of wastewater are amongst the greatest global challenges. GREEN address all these challenges. We work on the water chain as a whole and each of its links, right from the source to rain water preservation and water supply to sewage treatment and reuse. We offer the full range of water related consulting, engineering, contracting and management services and products to public and private clients. Our services comprise feasibility studies, engineering services, project management and technical assistance in the fields of water supply, storm water systems, water resources management, wastewater collection-treatment and reuse, urban water management, and environmental management as well as business solutions for public and private utilities. We carry out the complete package design and execution management for all the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works related to Water and Wastewater engineering.

GREEN also provides services in providing concepts for cleaning and restoring the health of waterways degraded by pollutants. From storm water solutions to drinking and wastewater infrastructure to reuse and recycle of wastewater for potable and non-potable purposes and disposal into water bodies, GREEN exhibit vast experience in every sector of the water management industry. Our professionals provide pioneering solutions that balance positive economics with environmental policies.

Every water, wastewater and storm water system requires a long term plan. Through the performance of hydraulic modeling, a schedule of improvements program is developed for the client. Moreover, hydraulic modeling of the system allows for review of potential impacts of proposed developments in the project area.

As the importance of economic and resource conservation become more evident, GREEN continues to initiates necessary pre and post construction steps for sustainable water & wastewater projects. We believe that the capital funding is always available with client but it’s the revenue funding which needs to pay attention and to take care off for sustainable infrastructure. With GREEN expertise, we provide efficient designs that utilize sustainable principles and account for future development. As the engineering world continues to move fast and forward, GREEN continues to sense a step ahead and provide directions that will provide a sustainable, responsible and managed environment.