Energy Sector

  • Biogas based Power Plants more than 4 MWe.

GREEN is also actively involved in providing the techno-commercial services in the energy sector. We have expertise in regulations of power markets in India and an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the rules that govern electricity generation, transmission and distribution activities. We are working in close association with the clients on various energy projects from the concept to commissioning. The solar power market is also one of the today's profitable and growing renewable energy markets. We keep an eye on changing scenario in energy sector ranging from conventional energy source to non-conventional energy sources such as Biogas, Wind, Solar etc, for its optimal utilization and management.

Our team of engineers and experts are available to help client on specific utility use, energy management, conservation, supply and power quality issues. Energy management, energy conservation, demand and supply side options and strategies are all considered for facility, business plan and objectives.

We provide consulting and engineering services to help our clients managing their energy consumption and costs.

A partial list of such services includes:

  • Energy Auditing, Monitoring and Advising
  • Process Energy Optimization
  • Energy Purchasing Strategies and Risk Management
  • Energy Conservation & management strategies
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Design & Retrofitting , fluorescent, HID etc.
  • Power Factor and Power Quality Analysis and its Correction